sarah burgess

Portfolio: Current Work


 Current major work continues to investigate global warming, specifically rising sea levels and the likely effect on vulnerable communities causing increased migration, political instability and severe economic consequences.

 One of the biggest challenges that the world faces is the need to keep the rise in global temperature by 2100 to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Even a 2°C increase will result in significant sea-level rise and risks irreversible changes in the polar regions, which in turn would speed up changes to the climate. This will lead to more severe and more frequent flooding of vulnerable communities, particularly in the equatorial areas of the world. Huge numbers of people will be affected,

Working with scientific climate change statistics sourced from I have been attempting to convey the physical change that rising levels will bring and recent work has literally been drowned in unpredictable and unstoppable ways. The acceptance of risk and the unknown have become fundamental physical and conceptual elements in my work.